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Thursday, 14 September 2017

St. Maternus, Bishop of Cologne († c. 325)

Bishop of Cologne
(† c. 325)

       First known bishop of Cologne whose name has come down to us, St. Maternus was involved in the effort against the Donatist heretics and in 313 Emperor Constantine the Great summoned him to a synod in Rome. He took part in the Synod of Arles in 314.

        Saint Peter Canisius defended the medieval identification of Saint Maternus with the son of the widow of Naim who was raised from the dead by Jesus. He was said to have been a disciple of Saint Peter.

        Maternus died at Trier, Germany, where it is believed he also served as a bishop at one time.

        In art, Saint Maternus is a bishop holding a large key. He may also be shown holding three churches combined as one or with a crozier and pilgrim's staff or hermit's crutch

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