"Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life." John 6:68


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Thursday after Ash Wednesday
Commentary of the day
Isaac the Syrian (7th century), monk near Mosul
Discourse, 1st series, 71/74

“Follow me”

The Lord our God handed over his own son to die on a cross, because of his passionate love for his Creation... Not because he could not have saved us in another way, but because in this way he wanted to reveal to us his overflowing love as our instruction. And through the death of his only Son he drew us closer to him. Yes, if he had had something more precious than this he would have given it to us so that we might fully belong to him.

Because of his great love for us he did not want to violate our liberty even though he could have done so, but he preferred us to come closer to him through love, love of what we could understand.

Because of his love for us and in obedience to his Father, Christ joyfully accepted insults and distress... As the saints become perfect, In the same way, they reach this same degree of perfection and so, by spreading their love and compassion abundantly on all, they become similar to God.

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