"Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life." John 6:68


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Friday of Easter week
Commentary of the day
Saint Gregory of Narek (c.944-1010), Armenian monk and poet
Book of prayers, no.66 (SC 78, p.411 rev.)

"When it was already dawn, Jesus was standing on the shore"

Most merciful and compassionate God, friend of humankind ..., when you say the word nothing is impossible, not even those things that seem to be impossible in our sight. You are the one who gives us delicious fruit in place of the sharp thorns of this mortal life...

Lord and Christ, breath of our nostrils (Lam 4,20) and radiance of our beauty..., light and giver of light, you take no pleasure in evil and you wish for no one's ruin; never do you desire their death (Ez 18,32). Distress does not disturb you nor anger master you; you are neither intermittent in your love nor changeable in your compassion; your goodness never varies. You do not turn your back nor turn away your face, but you are all light, willing our salvation. When you wish to pardon, you can do so; when you wish to heal, your power is great; when you wish to bring to life, you are able; when you wish to grant your grace, you are generous; when you wish to restore health, you have the skill... When you wish to make new, you are Creator; when you wish to bring back to life, you are God... And when, even before we ask, you wish to stretch out your hand, you lack for nothing... If you wish to make me strong who am weak, you are my rock; if you wish to refresh me who am parched, you are my spring; if you wish to reveal what is hidden, you are light...

You who battled mightily for my salvation... have taken upon your guiltless body all the pains of those punishments we deserved so that, while becoming our example, you show forth in deed the compassion you bear towards us.

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